Class 4A: Literature & Critical Thinking – MEET THE RAILWAY CHILDREN – home is where the heart is…

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Class 4A: Literature & Critical Thinking – MEET THE RAILWAY CHILDREN – home is where the heart is…

Over the past weeks, we have become well acquainted with the main characters of the classic story – „The Railway Children” by Edith Nesbit which was first published in 1906 in England. Roberta the eldest child, Peter, and Phyllis – the youngest sibling, are forced to relocate to the countryside near a railway line, with their mother, leaving behind their big red-brick house in London, after their father suddenly vanishes one evening with two imposing gentlemen. Although their life is not as comfortable as it once was, and they have little money, the two sisters and brother still have each other, a mother who loves and protects them, and a roof over their head. They remain fortunate, unlike the „real” Railway Children of India, who are left to fend for themselves, after either being abandoned by their parents, or becoming orphans. Such children linger around railway stations in the hope of finding food or collecting empty plastic bottles to sell. They sleep on the station or even trackside. Their life is compromised on a daily basis and there is no adult to nurture them. They can only dream of these basic human needs – regular food, clothing and shelter, let alone anything more. The aim of this lesson was to determine what makes a house a home, and to appreciate our home however big or small it is, but most importantly, the people inside – our family – in whatever structure that may be, and to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have people who unconditionally love and care for us. Please view the lovely drawings made by every student in the class!

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