Erasmus – Florence

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Erasmus – Florence

Coming to the beautiful, historical city of Florence for the Erasmus teacher training was exciting. More so having a very inspiring trainer.
On the first week, I was so encouraged and inspired to have a professional counselor as the trainer.  She was very articulate, open, approachable and inspirational.
The theme: A satisfying school experience. The whole week we discovered our other potentials as well as reawakening our calling as teachers. We looked into the detailed reasons of burnout and discussed ways to prevent it.
A satisfying school experience is indeed what many teachers would be glad to give and to have.
My group had teachers from countries such Portugal, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. It was a fun and satisfying one week of learning.
The second week we had a male teacher teaching us about Gestalt Therapy, conflict and classroom management.
After sessions we make sure we were able to discover the city as well. The Europass center gave us two free walking tour twice a week with experienced guides. The guides brought us to museums, popular spots and brought us back in the past.
The best trip was when the whole school went to a Sunday tour on popular places in Tuscany such as San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena, etc. Good times!



Captured standing in the middle of Ponte Vecchio

Beautiful sunset – Arno river

Each drew their kind of tree with writings of our goals, commitments and inspirations.

Our trainer in the middle wearing white. She’s one of the best mentor!

With Miss Bernadette

The second set of group. Teachers coming from Ireland, Portugal and Poland

The view on top of piazza del duomo

View from the Bell tower

View from Piazza del duomo

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