Derry, Londonderry – class 7a – day 7 and 8 (last days)

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Derry, Londonderry – class 7a – day 7 and 8 (last days)

Yesterday we ventured into the Northern Shore of Ireland to experience the wilderness and admire spectacular views of the cliffs, abandoned castles and marvel at the wonders of nature at the Giant’s Causway. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the clear view because of the cloudy skies and mist from the Atlantic Ocean.

We also made a short stop in Portrush, a very picturesque seaside resort to spend the rest of our pennies there and returned home for our last night in Derry. 

It’s time to pack and buckle up for the long and winding road home. But before leaving the hostel, we expressed our best wishes and sang a loud Happy Birthday to Szymon on the occasion of his birth. Happy Days!

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