Derry, Londonderry – class 7a – sixth day

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Derry, Londonderry – class 7a – sixth day

Londonderry – Day 6

We started the day by making breakfast. Right after that, we went to our last classes at school. After lunch we finished the movies and then it was time for graduation. We all got a promotion.

In the afternoon it was time to visit the other side of Derry, across the River Foyle.  We arrived at Roe Valley Country Park. We spent the evening there, completely devoting ourselves to fun, happiness and relaxation.

After returning to the Hostel, we prepared and ate dinner and then went for a well-deserved rest before tomorrow’s trip along the northern coast of Ireland.

Many thanks to the Academy of English, to Mr Konrad and Mrs Magda (project coordinators) and to Mrs Megan and Joseph (teachers) for their time, help and interesting activities.

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