What Gives You Hope?

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What Gives You Hope?

While studying “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, we witness the main character, the young Edmond Dantès losing all hope after already spending six long years in solitary confinement in Chateau D’If – a formidable fortress converted into a prison situated on an island off the coast of Marseilles. One day, however, he hears a strange sound on the other side of the wall. That sound turns out to be a sign of human life – another inmate, an elderly holy man and scholar. Together, over the next six years, the two men use the secret passage between their cells to meet daily to educate Dantès and plan their escape.

8A students were asked to pen their thoughts in 20 minutes about what gives them hope when they feel bad…a well timed exercise on the eve of the Easter period and springtime – a time of hope and new life.

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